Description Class


Saddles, Harnesses or Horses Furnishings Mfg.58802YesYess
Safes or Safe Vaults Mfg.58813YesYess
Sail Making58822YesYess
Sales or Service Organizations47367YesYesp+
Salt, Borax, Potash or Phosphate- Producing or refining58837YesYess
Salt Mfg.58840YesYess
Salvage Operations98698YesYesp
Salvage Operations- Removing, sorting, reconditioning and distributing or merchandise in damaged buildings and incidental operations aware from such buildings98699YesYesp
Sand or Gravel digging98710YesYesp+
Saunas and Baths- Public47420YesYess+
Saw Mills or Planing Mills58873YesYess
Saw Mills or Planing Mills- Optional premium basis58874YesYesp
Schools- Not for Profit Only67513YesYesa+
Schools- Other than Not for Profit 67512YesYesa+
Schools- Colleges, universities, junior colleges or college preparatory- Not for Profit Only67509YesYesa+
Schools- Colleges, universities, junior colleges or college preparatory- Other than Not for Profit 67508YesYesa+
Schools- Correspondence47468YesYess+
Schools- Dormitory facilities- Not for Profit Only67511YesYesa+
Schools- Dormitory facilities- Other than Not for Profit 67510YesYesa+
Schools- Faculty liability for corporal punishment of students47469NoNot+
Schools- Private- elementary, kindergarten or junior high- Not for profit only47476YesYest+
Schools- Private- elementary, kindergarten or junior high- Other than Not for profit only47475YesYest+
Schools- Public- elementary, kindergarten or junior high47471YesYest+
Schools- Private- High- Not for Profit Only47478YesYest+
Schools- Private- High- Other than Not for Profit 47477YesYest+
Schools- Public- High47473YesYest+
Schools- Trade or Vocational47474YesYest+
Secondhand or salvage dealers and distributors16881YesYess
Security and Patrol Agencies98751YesYesp+
Seed merchants- Excluding erroneous delivery, error in mixture and germination failure16890YesYess
Seed merchants- Erroneous delivery, error in mixture and resulting germination failure16891YesYess
Seed merchants- Erroneous delivery, and error in mixture (excluding germination failure)16892YesYess
Septic Tank Systems- Cleaning98805YesYesp
Septic Tank Systems- Installation, servicing or repair98806YesYesp
Sewage Disposal- Plant Operations98810NoNop+
Sewer Cleaning98813YesYesp
Sewer Mains or Connections construction98820YesYesp
Sewing Machines Mfg.- commercial58903YesYess
Sewing Machines Mfg.- household58904YesYess
Shaft Sinking98871NoNop
Sheet Metal Work- Outside98884YesYesp
Sheet Metal Work- Shop Only58922YesYess
Shelters- Battered Women90504YesYest+
Shelters, Mission, Settlement or Halfway House- Not Church or Office Bldg67017YesYest+
Ship Ceiling or Scaling98914NoNop
Ship Chandler Stores18078YesYess
Ship Repair or Conversion98949NoNop
Shoe, Boot or Slipper Mfg.59005YesYess
Shoe Repair Shops18109YesYess
Shoe Stores18110YesYess
Shopping Centers- Buildings or premises not operated by the insured (Lessor's Risk Only)67635YesYesa+
Shopping Centers- Indoor malls- buildings, or premises not occupied by the insured (Lessor's Risk Only)67634YesYesa+
Siding Installation98967YesYesp
Sign Erection, Installation or Repair98993YesYesp
Sign Mfg.- Electrical59057YesYess
Sign Mfg.- Other than Electrical59058YesYess
Sign Painting or Lettering- Inside of buildings99003YesYesp
Sign Painting or Lettering- On buildings or structures99004YesYesp
Sister Homes41680YesYesa+
Skating Rinsk- Ice48177YesYess+
Skating Rinsk- Roller48178YesYess+
Skeet Shooting or Trap Shooting Ranges48206YesYest+
Ski, Lifts, Tows or Runs48252NoNos+
Slate Milling59188YesYess
Slate splitting or Slate Roofing Mfg.59189YesYess
Soap Box Derbies48441YesYest+
Soap Mfg.59223YesYess
Social Gatherings & Meetings- On premises not owned or operated by the insured- Not for Profit Only 48558YesYest+
Social Gatherings & Meetings- On premises not owned or operated by the insured- Other Not for Profit 48557YesYest+
Social Services- Consulting Services only-operated by the private sector48600YesYest+
Solar Energy Contractors 99080YesYesp
Spas or Personal Enhancement Facilities18200YesYess+
Special Events10001YesYest+
Sponge Processing59257YesYess
Sports or Outdoor Activities- commercially operated48610YesYest+
Sporting Goods or Athletic Equipment Distributors18205YesYess
Sporting Goods or Athletic Equipment Mfg.59306YesYess
Sporting Goods or Athletic Equipment Stores18206YesYess
Stables- boarding, livery or racing99111YesYest+
Stadiums- Operated by insured- Not for Profit Only 48638YesYess+
Stadiums- Operated by insured- Other than Not for Profit 48637YesYess+
Stationary or Paper Products Stores18335YesYess
Steam Heating or Steam Power Companies 99160NoNop+
Steam Mains or Connections Construction 99163NoNop
Steam Pipe or Boiler Insulation99165YesYesp
Steal Wool or Wire Wool Mfg.59387YesYess
Stevedoring- by hand or by means of hand trucks exclusively- no hoisting of carg99220NoNop
Stevedoring- handling explosives or ammunition- under contract99221NoNop
Stevedoring- tallyers or checking clerks engaged in connection with stevedoring work99223NoNop
Stone Crushing59481YesYess
Stone Cutting or Polishing59482YesYess
Stores- Food or Drink- Not for Profit Only 18436YesYess
Stores- Food or Drink- Other than Not for Profit 18435YesYess
Stores- NO Food or Drink- Not for Profit Only 18438YesYess
Stores- NO Food or Drink- Other than Not for Profit 18437YesYess
Street Cleaning 99303YesYesp+
Streets, Roads, Highways or Bridges- existence and maintenance hazard only48727YesYest+
Street or Road Construction or Reconstruction99315YesYesp
Street or Road Paving or Repaving, Surfacing or Resurfacing or Scraping99321YesYesp
Subway Construction99445NoNop
Sugar Refining59537YesYess
Sun Tanning Salons48808YesYest+
Surveyors- Land- Not engaged in actual construction99471YesYesp+
Swap Meets- Open Air15123YesYest
Swap Meets- Not Open Air15119YesYest
Swimming Instructors 82993YesYest+
Swimming Pools48925YesYest+
Swimming Pools- written in conjunction with specific other company classifications90512YesYest+
Swimming Pools- commercially operated48924YesYess+
Swimming Pools- installation servicing or repair- above ground99506YesYesp+
Swimming Pools- Installation servicing or repair- below ground99507YesYesp+
Swimming Pools or Accessories Mfg.59601YesYess
Swimming Pool Servicing99505YesYesp+
Syrups or Molasses- Refining, blending or Mfg.59647YesYess